Human Resource Portal

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Expert guidance and advice from your own

Human Resource and Safety Director

In today’s environment you need the hand holding and the human touch. InVision gives you that and piece of mine as you focus on your growth.

Your HR platform to support your business and your employees

Human Capital Solutions

We’ll help you deliver training that prepares your front line leaders with the skills they need to push your business to the next level. Workshops are conducted in an intimate setting for in-depth discussion between the front-line managers to ensure the critical connection between them and the team members that drive your business.

Make better people decisions

With InVision at your side, our HR professionals are prepared to handle all of your HR needs. You’ll have access to industry-specialized expertise and insights to make informed decisions more efficiently.

Handle your difficult HR needs to keep you out of court.

From recruiting and onboarding best practices, benefits, employee polices, and compliance issues, InVision offers expertise on the issues that affect your people.

Gain peace of mind

Stay ahead of regulations and employee relations issues with 50 years of an experienced HR team. So you can focus on growing your business and we will develop your employees to be more productive and support your growth.

With InVison, everything is in one place at your fingertips.

Online Employee & Personnel Management

Having an HR database is important. With InVision, we make it super simple for small to medium sized businesses to eliminate the hassle of spreadsheets and in-house systems. Welcome to a completely online Human Resources Management System (HRMS). Finally, have your personnel files accessible from anywhere and make changes with a simple click.

Employee Portal

Eliminate the need for a standalone employee time clock or employee self-service portal software with our online HRMS (Human Resource Management System). Users have the ability to update personal information, request time off, and clock in or out.

PTO Tracking & Leave Management

Some folks refer to this as leave management, accrual tracking, time off tracking, or PTO tracking software. We like to call it simple, effortless, and easy! With each pay period we keep track of accrual based on anniversary dates, hours per pay period, or a set number of hours given at the beginning of the year. Staff can log into your online self-service employee portal (included!) and view their benefits and balances.

Document Storage

Eliminate paper clutter, dozens of spreadsheets, and complex filing systems. Store all of your important HR and business documents securely in the cloud. Easily place files in separate virtual folders for compliance. With the ability to accept any file format, we can meet the needs of your growing business. Included is a cloud file storage system.

Online Employee Time Clock

Why have a separate time keeping system when you can have it integrated into your HR database? Employees can clock in easily on your company’s branded employee portal, saving you time and effort. We streamline every aspect of time entry, recording, and reporting.

We support the growth of your company

Employee Relations & HR Problem Solving

The most sensitive & difficult issues require the support of a trained professional. Your HR & Safety Director engages with you to create the right outcomes for your business and your employee.

InVision will develop your HR Policy & Safety Procedures and keep you out of court.

Your HR Director builds policies specific for your business based on labor regulation and OSHA regulations

Onboarding, Terminations, Labor Regulations, and OSHA regulations

InVision has your back to keep you out of court, while you focus on your business

Employer Coaching & Guidance

This is the most critical component of your business, your employees. We will engage with them, and support your team to have more productive team members, in return, it will create less turnover and a culture that all team members enjoy.

Our HR team to works for you.

All-in-one web-based employee management

Connect now, HR answers at your fingertips! No texting or emails necessary. Let’s connect and get the answers you need now.

Our “Connect now” human capital consultants are seasoned professionals, so when you call, you’ll connect with an HR professional who knows the challenges you face and has the solutions so you can move on to focus on your business. You’ll talk one-on-one and get help and answers that make a difference for your business. InVision gives you the freedom to focus on your growth.

Other HR providers claim they know small businesses. What sets InVision apart is that we started as a small business from the ground up, we know your pain, and with more than 50 years of combined experience , InVision HR will draft all of your HR and Safety procedures for other businesses and stand by your side every day so you can focus on your business and success.